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Our Mission

To have a good time teaching things we really like, stuff that fascinates us, skills that make us feel capable, sufficient, and good.  In other words… our mission is the same as yours. Like you, we want to see the light come on for a kid, ignited from the same fire that burns within ourselves; to infect with the joy of discovery, and arm the individual with critical thinking. To make it happen, we leave traditional textbooks behind and bring ideas and techniques from the world of arts and entertainment home to the classroom. We see education as a “no rules art form.”  Our goal is to make your class more interesting than video games, more addictive than smartphones.  We want to be the Walt Disney of teaching aids.


About Teacher's Discovery

Established in 1978, Teacher's Discovery is the largest supplier of supplemental materials to middle and high schools in the U.S. Virtually every high school and middle school in the country uses Teacher's Discovery digital classroom products as well as maps, readers, videos, games, and incentives. Every secondary school student in America comes in contact with Teacher's Discovery products several times each day.

The company is privately owned with headquarters in southeast Michigan. Often likened to a beehive, the building is alive with activity, preparing and shipping products to schools every day. Teacher's Discovery is a leader in development of teaching aids and classroom innovation, and is responsible for today's widespread use of videos and games in classroom environments.

Recognized for their excellence, Teacher's Discovery products have received many awards, including the Educational Publishers Association, Teachers' Choice, and Emmy awards. The company's trademark classroom materials are known for humor and fun. Teachers in every state and county look forward to receiving their Teacher's Discovery "Gold Book" catalog each year, and keep it on their desk as a statement of professional pride.

The company's founder, Skip McWilliams, continues to be personally involved in new cutting-edge educational projects, including Flangoo.com and Voces® Digital. Teacher's Discovery's informal culture is focused on hard work and is results oriented.  Flangoo.com and Voces Digital are part of Teacher's Discovery, a division of American Eagle Co., Inc.

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