Angelo’s Mexico Quest #2 – La Navidad en México – Coming December 15

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Angelo's Mexico Quest La Navidad en México - Starts December 15th on

Angelo Returns for Quest #2!

La Navidad en México. Dec. 15, 8 a.m. ET

Take your class to Mexico and learn Spanish along the way with our intrepid adventurer, Angelo!

Real-time immersion. It's going to be a wild ride!
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About Angelo's Mexico Quest

Teacher's Discovery is at it again, innovating Spanish language education and student engagement with a wild experiment in immersive language learning.

We're following a native Spanish-speaking teacher - "Angelo" - and capturing his interactions, conversations, and adventures as he seeks to complete quests throughout Mexico. Everyone is invited to follow along to experience culture-rich and hair-raising activities that are sure to captivate and engage your middle school and high school Spanish students in and out of the classroom.

Angelo's first quest, Day of the Dead, was a huge success (check out these video highlights), but we also learned a few things in the process and the teacher feedback was super helpful.  

This time around, we're maximizing everyone's viewing experience - no connection issues or travel times - only the good stuff.  More program.  More punch.

Don't worry, Angelo will still be answering your questions on screen and everyone will get to experience authentic culture and, of course, Spanish language immersion.

Upcoming Quest:
La Navidad en México 

WHEN: December 15, 8 a.m. ET

Angelo's Mexico Quest - La Navidad en México - will be recorded live on location in Chihuahua, Mexico, and will be aired December 15, starting at 8 a.m. ET on

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Send in Your Questions ASAP

Your students can send in questions for Angelo to answer on screen!

Please send your questions in by December 7, 2022.

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About the Quest

In addition to answering your students' questions, Angelo will join high school students from Chihuahua, Mexico, in a matachín procession and dance performance. He will be joined by hundreds of mariachi and norteño musicians, who traditionally serenade the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Angelo will also experience the national holiday dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe and participate in a fair-exposition where he’ll man an enchilada and taco truck, offering the delicacies to the families who take their children to witness the pre-Hispanic tradition.

It’s going to be another wonderful event full of authentic culture and Spanish language immersion. 

And as always, you never know what might happen! The only thing we can predict is we will get to experience authentic interactions, cultural events, and utilize the most common Spanish verbs in his encounters along the way.

*Changes may occur as the event unfolds.

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About Los Matachines

The dance-drama of los matachines is an ancient tradition in the Hispanic Southwest. It is one of the very few dances shared by both Hispanic and Native peoples. Its roots can trace their influences back to the Middle Ages in Europe, and at the same time find New World influences included within their scope.

Currently, the matachines are societies of North and South American Native dancers who perform ritual dances. They are found from Peru up to northern New Mexico where the Spanish first influenced the New World and introduced Christianity. Some Matachines troupes have been performing for more than 300 years.

The Danza de Matachines is explained by oral tradition among most Indian tribes as the “Dance of the Moors and Christians,” and is the first masked dance introduced by the Spaniards, though its practice outside of the Iberian peninsula changed its cultural and spiritual significance. 

The dance was adopted by the people of the Americas, and today many forms of this dance still exist — though the dance steps vary among peoples, the dance formations are all similar. Masks continue to be used, but the style changes from village to village, or people to people. Its meaning is a celebration of Native peoples in the Americas, and their salvation through the unity of their faith and culture.

The Matachines dance for a deeper religious purpose. Most participants join to venerate either Mother Mary (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, Immaculate conception, etc.), a particular saint that pertains to the church they belong to, or simply to worship Christ or God the Holy Trinity.

Dressed in traditional ceremonial dress and clothing, the chief characters are El Monarca (typically Moctezuma or another tribal leader); the captains (usually 2-4 of Moctezuma's main generals); La Malinche or Malintzín, the Native or Mestizo woman; El Toro, the malevolent comic man of the play (also symbolizes Satan, or the Devil, according to Roman Catholic religious interpretations), dressed with the skins of the buffalo and wearing the horns of this sacred ancestor; and Abuelo, the grandfather, and Abuela, the grandmother. With the help of a chorus of dancers they portray the desertion of his people by Moctezuma, the luring of him back by the wiles and smiles of La Malinche, the final reunion of king and people and the killing of El Toro, who is supposed to have made all the mischief. Much symbolism is seen in these groups. The basic symbolism of the dance is good vs. evil, with good prevailing.

All of the cultural artifacts associated with the dance are blessed by a priest.

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Don't Miss a Single Quest*:

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*Quests are subject to change

Technical note:

Angelo's Quest will be broadcast on with the help of the YouTube® platform.

If you plan to watch Angelo's Quest episodes, please talk to your IT person or tech department to ensure they allow videos from our Teacher's Discovery YouTube® Channel through your school's firewall. You can check to see if it works beforehand by going to and playing the YouTube video there.

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It's like reality TV for Spanish classrooms!

- Skip McWilliams
Founder, Teacher's Discovery

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Stay Informed About Angelo's Mexico Quest

This is an entirely new spectacle for Spanish learners. We want to create a safe yet "real" learning adventure where Spanish language and regional culture play a central role in each quest. If everyone likes this form of Spanish learning, we'll task Angelo with another livestream quest!

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