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Become a World Language Reader Author - Publish Your Own Story Content on - Digital World Language Reader Library for Spanish, French, and German

Become a World Language Reader Author on

New Self-Published Story Section in Flangoo Lets World Language Students Enjoy Your Stories. provides a library to Spanish, French, and German digital readers to World Language teachers and over 300,000 of their students.  Flangoo digital World Language readers work online, on all devices, and include "listen along" audio narrations, video content, imagery, vocabulary, and comprehension activities, as well as easy account management for teachers.  Teachers love it.  Students love it.  And it's insanely cost-effective.

However, we understand some teachers may have written their own story-based World Language resources and want to be able to share their content with students inside Flangoo.  

That's what this post is about - the new ability to self-publish custom World Language content inside Flangoo.  Now, anyone with a story that can help teach Spanish, French, or German can get their story published and read.

Calling all Flangoo teachers and World Language reader authors!

Submit Your Story
Become a World Language Reader Author on

New Self-Publishing Opportunity on

We are creating a self-published section on so you and other colleagues who teach Spanish, French, or German can have students read your self-written stories.

Submitting a Story on

We have provided a story submission form here.

Once your story has been submitted and approved by Flangoo, it will become available within the Flangoo Library.

You can activate your story (content) for use by your students - and other teachers will enjoy it too! Story Submission Basics

There is no charge to post your story as submitted.

Your story should be aimed at a specific language and proficiency level (pre-level 1, level 2, level 3+, etc).

No illustrations are required, but if you have graphic files to include, great!

Story Submission Requirements

Along with your story text, we require listen-along audio.

One of Flangoo's key benefits is the ability for students to "listen-along" to narration audio.  So, along with your text, we'll need a narration audio track (digital audio file) that matches your story text.

You can do your own full audio and your own proofreading, or have your story proofread and recorded by a native speaker.  In a sense, you want to think about making "blocks" of story text with an accompanying narration audio file.   This will make it easy to build your story inside

We'd like stories to have a minimum of 500 words, but this is not a hard requirement for self-published content.  The more advanced the reader level, the longer the content may be.

In all, this is just another way you can use your subscription to teach your World Language students in your way.

Production Services Offered

If you need production assistance to produce your story, Flangoo may be able to help.  Services include:

  • Native-speaker narrators
  • Audio recording services
  • Illustration services
  • Professional proofreading

Production fees are based on length of story.  We will contact you after initial submission with a quote per scope of needs.

Publicity Perks

If you have a website or social media presence, we will advertise it (you) and feature you on for other teachers to see.

You could be the next J. K. Rowling!

If you have any questions, contact Steve at

Submit Your Story

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