Bring Famous Art into Your School with a Traveling Exhibit!

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Bring Famous Art into Your School with a Traveling Exhibit - Rental Art Exhibits for Schools - Teacher's Discovery

Bring Famous Art into Your School with a Traveling Art Exhibit!

Traveling Art Exhibits Available from Teacher's Discovery

No other experience comes close to seeing world-renowned art in person. Many students, however, don’t get the chance to study the works of famous artists. But with the traveling art exhibits from Teacher’s Discovery, you can bring artists and art from around the world right to your classroom or school hallway.

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If you can’t visit a museum, just get one sent to you!

These easy-to-use portable displays bring famous works of art right to your school, allowing students to experience the original paintings. Printed on extremely durable satin banner material, exhibits can be installed almost anywhere and allow teachers to introduce the works of over 20 artists from various genres and world cultures.

traveling art exhibits for rent for schools

Available Art Exhibits for Rent

Rental Art Exhibits with Supplemental Activity Download Packs

Supplemental art education materials are available as well

Make the most of your exhibit with ready to use cross-curricular activities.

Activity packs feature an assortment of reproducible activities, from critical thinking exercises to puzzles to artist overviews, created by teachers and ready for your classroom.

How Traveling Exhibits Work

We make everything as easy as possible.

What to expect with your Traveling Exhibit

Most of the 25+ artist/art style exhibits are comprised of 3 full-color panels on satin fabric: 7 x 17 feet, 8 x 4 feet, and 4 x 4 feet.

Hardware is included to hang the panels easily from any drop ceiling. Alternate installation methods are also provided.

Included with your rental are printable signs, exhibit information, and an easy-to-use press kit.

Shipping both ways is included in your rental cost.

Note: You’ll probably need a ladder and another set of hands, but that’s about it.

How to order your Traveling Exhibit

Exhibits are rented for a week at a time, with the pieces being shipped the week before, leaving you ample time to display.

Our online scheduler makes it easy to pick your rental period and our customer service representatives can work out nearly any arrangements.

Tip: It’s best to book early as exhibits might get rented out for multiple weeks.

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“It Livens Up Art Students and the Learning Environment”

Tracy Hare, a middle school art educator and recent customer, had this to say:

“I was lucky enough to host the Monet exhibit, which was delivered to my middle school for a week-long display. After helping my custodians hang the three enormous banners (which took no longer than 15 minutes) I instantly had a staff member stop and stare, telling me how Monet was her absolute favorite. And, since my 7th-grade students were working with oil pastel landscape themes in class, we were able to take a mini-trip down to the banners and see the work of Monet’s Impressionist style in full detail, right in our own school. It was gratifying to see their reactions when they experienced “as-close-to-the-real-thing” as we could get.”

Renting a Traveling Exhibit Is Powerful—and Easy

Renting a Teacher’s Discovery Traveling Exhibit is a great way to bring famous and important art into your school. Not only will your students get an up-close view of masterpieces, but you’ll get to witness the awe-inspiring effect artwork and art history can have on students.

Think of the possibilities. Couple an exhibit with your yearly art show!

There are traveling exhibits for social studies as well!  See the full gallery at

Portable art exhibits of this quality typically rent for thousands of dollars a week, but you can rent yours for only $529 a week through Teacher's Discovery. 

Whatever the occasion, a traveling exhibit from Teacher’s Discovery provides new educational interest and a lively change of scenery for everyone. It’s easy. It’s cost-effective. And it has a real impact.

Order your traveling exhibit today.

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