10 Awesome Resources for Teaching Constitution Week – How to Teach the U.S. Constitution

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How to Teach Constitution Week - 10 Awesome Classroom Resources for Teaching the U.S. Constitution - Teacher's Discovery

10 Awesome Classroom Resources for Teaching the U.S. Constitution

Best-Selling Products for Teaching the U.S. Constitution

Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787, recognizing all who are born in the U.S. or have become citizens by naturalization.  For many U.S. History and Government teachers, Constitution Day kicks off the beginning of "Constitution Week," a time when students will learn about and work directly with the U.S. Constitution.  In this post, we'll look at popular Social Studies resources for teaching students about the U.S. Constitution.

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Kick Off Constitution Week by Working with the Words!

Don't just read the Constitution—get hands-on with activities to analyze and contextualize the law of the land!

Government Thematic Hybrid Unit: The Constitution Download

Government Thematic Hybrid Unit: The Constitution Download

This versatile digital resource is an entire thematic unit in one place! PDFs include complete teacher edition and editable student pages. Students simply type their answers in, save, and upload! Printable and projectable, this unit is perfect for seamless teaching in class, at home, or any combination!

Dry-Erase Bill of Rights Placemat

Dry-Erase Bill of RightsDry-Erase Bill of Rights

Put a star next to the text that describes freedom of speech. Have students identify and label passages in the Constitution, then erase and repeat! Features the Bill of Rights on one side and signers on the other.

The Pocket Guide to the United States Constitution Book

The Pocket Guide to the United States Constitution Book

Do your students know their rights? Put the power in their hands with a pocket Constitution for every kid in your class! A must-have reference for U.S. History and Government classes, analyzing current events, and understanding the foundation of our nation.

Build It Yourself: The U.S. Constitution Book

The U.S. Constitution Book

Twenty-five projects supported with easy-to-read text, timelines, maps, images, sidebars, vocabulary, and web resources show students the meaning of democracy and how documents written centuries ago continue to shape the country today.

Enrich Constitution Week with Posters That Empower!

Keep the momentum going with powerful and empowering posters that make sure your students know their rights!

Bill of Rights in Action Mini-Poster Set

Bill of Rights Posters
Introduce the Bill of Rights with the original text, breakdowns of each amendment in easy-to-understand language, and how they play out in real life.

27 Amendments Skinny Poster

27 amendments of the constitution poster

Display all 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights! Includes FREE downloadable Teachable MomentsTM fact sheet and critical thinking questions.

Bill of Rights Comics Mini-Poster Set

Bill of rights comic poster

Teach your students about the freedoms the Bill of Rights guarantees in a way that is both fun and easy to grasp!

Constitutional Core Principles Mini-Poster Set

Constitutional core principles poster

Break down each of the five main constitutional principles using this poster set, complete with real-world connections and discussion questions to get students talking!

Hands-On Constitution Week Activities!

The Constitution is no game, but that doesn't mean learning it can't be! 

U.S. Constitutional Amendment Card Sort

Constitutional amendment card sort

This card sort game helps students learn the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution! Each amendment and its explanation are on a separate card. This is a great go-to review game. Students shuffle the cards, deal them out, and match away until they are amendment pros!

The Constitution Quest Game

The Constitution Quest Game

Players learn the text and meaning of the U.S. Constitution during fun-filled dashes around a colorful game board. Earning points for correct answers to questions about the Articles and Amendments, the three branches, checks and balances, the Bill of Rights, powers granted and denied, facts and dates, and pertinent vocabulary, the winner gains the most points during the time it takes any player to complete one full trip around the board. Wild cards give every player a chance to win.

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