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5 Aesop Fables in German

Five Aesop "Un-Classic" Fables in German

New Online German Level 1 Readers for Learning and Teaching German

Five new "Un-Classic" Aesop Fables in German are now available on, the fun, flexible, and easy way to provide a library of digital German readers to your entire German class, gain control over activities, and creatively engage students as they gain German proficiency.

These "un-classic" fable shorts are based on Aesop's classic fables:

  • The Lion and the Little Mouse
  • The Bunny and the Turtle
  • The Grasshopper and the Ants
  • The Fox and the Grapes
  • The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

The fables are German Level 1 readers, written in a theatre-reader form so they can be used either for dialogue performance or simple reading.

What's an "Un-Classic" fable short?

An "un-classic" fable is the classic Aesop parable told in simple language with the purpose of driving home the main moral of the story.  As a fun and thoughtful twist, at the end of each fable, there is an alternate ending with a different moral.

“Short” describes the length of the story.  These fables are typically under 1,000 total words with a unique word count under 200.

The Un-Classic Shorts are written in a reader-theatre format. Students can act them out, or read them on their own in a class period or two.

If you are a subscriber, log in to your account and start enjoying your new resources immediately.  More titles are on the way.

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About the Fables

Here's more information about the individual titles. 

Der Löwe und die Maus

Aesop fables in German Level 1 German Readers on

  • German Level 1
  • Chapters: 1
  • Unique Words: 210
  • Total Words: 715
  • Tense(s): Present
A ferocious lion grants a tiny mouse his life. In return, one day, the tiny mouse saves the lion’s life when he is trapped in a net. Their unlikely friendship proves that goodness is more important than strength. Written by Paula Camardella Twomey

Die Heuschrecke und die Ameisen

Aesop fables in German Level 1 German Readers on

  • German Level 1
  • Chapters: 1
  • Unique Words: 166
  • Total Words: 653
  • Tense(s): Present
A lazy grasshopper learns the value of hard work from his ant friends when he realizes that his idleness has not prepared him for the cold, brutal winter ahead. He must go hungry and without clothing, while his industrious ant neighbors bask in the fruits of their labor. Written by Paula Camardella Twomey

Die Landmaus und die Stadtmaus

Aesop fables in German Level 1 German Readers on

  • German Level 1
  • Chapters: 1
  • Unique Words: 222
  • Total Words: 749
  • Tense(s): Present
When two cousins visit each other’s homes, they begin to re-evaluate what makes a comfortable house and comfortable surroundings. As they scrutinize their ways of living, they each come to a startling realization. Written by Paula Camardella Twomey

Der Fuchs und die Trauben

Aesop fables in German Level 1 German Readers on

  • German Level 1
  • Chapters: 1
  • Unique Words: 148
  • Total Words: 440
  • Tense(s): Present
A very hungry fox sees some luscious grapes to eat, but when she cannot reach them she slinks away angry and frustrated. In an effort to save face, she rationalizes her own failings and declares that the grapes must be sour anyway, and not worth her time or trouble. Written by Paula Camardella Twomey

Die Schildkröte und der Hase

Aesop fables in German Level 1 German Readers on

  • German Level 1
  • Chapters: 1
  • Unique Words: 182
  • Total Words: 936
  • Tense(s): Present
An arrogant hare challenges a patient, hardworking tortoise to a race to determine whose abilities are the most valued. When the self-assured hare appears to be in the lead, he takes a nap, which proves to be disastrous. The tortoise persists and runs the race step by step, and is crowned champion of the forest. Written by Paula Camardella Twomey

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