French Teacher Catalog: Fall 2022 – Products for French Teachers

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Fall 2022 French Teachers Catalog - Teacher's Discovery

French Teachers' Catalog: Fall 2022

New Products for French Teachers at Teacher's Discovery

Teacher's Discovery has released its Fall 2022 French Teachers’ product catalog.  The new catalog features new items for French teachers, including new French language readers in paper and digital formats, updated 2022 French lesson plans, French classroom posters and decorations, as well as new titles to our digital French reader library.

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If you'd like a printed copy of the French teacher catalog mailed to you, you can request one here.

New Fall 2022 Resources for French Teachers and Their Classrooms

We’ve been busy adding more products to our French teacher store. New stories, decorations, incentives, games, class activities, and more are now available at Teacher’s Discovery.

What's hot in 2022 for French teachers?!

We’ve seen an explosion in sign ups among French teachers. Flangoo gives you an instant library of interactive French language reader titles with “listen-along” narration, videos, and more. - Interactive Digital World Language Reader Library for Teaching Spanish, French, and German.

What’s even better? Flangoo is so simple to acquire, implement, and use effectively. French teachers save time and labor with built-in, easy-to-use account management tools. 

What do French teachers say? Faculty using Flangoo commonly attest that students tend to engage more with the online, interactive stories both in and out of class. That's only a good thing.

Students glean new vocabulary and World Language nuances from the native-speaker narrations and videos. Teachers gain a new best friend for online language learning and assessment.

Perfect for in-class, homeschool, and remote language learning use, provides a new, fun, and flexible change of pace, an automatic boost to student engagement, and a central spot where you can control and monitor everything that happens—effortlessly.

Why is Flangoo so popular for teaching French? 

Some say it’s the large and ever-growing array of titles and story genres that gives students a more personal approach to language learning. Others point to the sheer amount of value you get for the price.

One French teacher annual subscription to (only $149) includes free accounts for 180 students. That’s less than $1 per student per year. It’s been called “the best bang for your French teacher buck.” Several subscription options are available.

Get today. Instant activation. No commitment. Works on all devices. 24/7 access to fun, engaging resources—that help teach French from anywhere—for you and your students.

See for more.

Everything for French Teachers Is at Teacher's Discovery

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