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Ma vie parisienne - New French Level 1 Acquisition Reader - Flangoo Digital World Language Library

Ma vie parisienne

French Reader for Teaching French Level 1

Ma vie parisienne is a new online French reader for teaching French Level 1 available now on, the fun, flexible, and easy way to provide a library of digital French readers to your entire French class, gain control over activities, and creatively engage students as they gain French proficiency.  It's also available in print!

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Ma vie parisienne - preview French Level 1 Acquisition Reader - Flangoo Digital World Language Library

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About Ma vie parisienne

A Year in France!  Join Olivier on his year abroad in Paris! Follow along as he adjusts to the French way of life, makes new friends, and travels across the country. But will Olivier ever get the hang of living in France, or is his biggest challenge yet to come?

  • French Level 1 (Acquisition™ Reader)
  • Unique Words: 481
  • Total Words: 4,248
  • Tense(s): présent, futur proche, passé composé, imparfait

About the Author

Kim ThomasonKim Thomason learned French while living in southern Belgium as an exchange student. She also attended the Sorbonne in Paris during college and worked as an au pair for a Parisian family. She has taught French to all ages and at all levels since 1992. She currently teaches middle and high school at Sandia Preparatory School in Albuquerque, NM, and tries to return to France and Belgium as often as possible.

Available Online on digital World Language readers work online, on all devices, and include "listen-along" audio narrations, video content, imagery, vocabulary, and comprehension activities, as well as easy account management for teachers.

Also Available in Print with QR Code Audio

The print version of Ma vie parisienne features full audio for every chapter, accessible via QR codes. Simply scan the QR codes with a smartphone or tablet using any free QR code reader. Laptop users access audio via included web addresses. Also, your purchase includes a FREE download with comprehension questions and answer keys.

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