Supreme Court Leak Shakes Trust in One More American Pillar

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May 7, 2022Calvin Woodward and Hannah FingerhutAP News WASHINGTON (AP)—Is there a new American motto: In nothing we trust? By lots of measures, most in the U.S. lack much confidence in large institutions and have for years. Congress? Two big thumbs down. The presidency? Ehh. Americans are also distrustful of big business, unions, public schools and organized religion. Indeed, they … Read More

California Governor Signs Bill Allowing College Athletes to Profit from Endorsements

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September 30, 2019Colin DwyerNPRLexile: 1400L—1500L In a move that puts California on a collision course with the NCAA, Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill effectively allowing college athletes in the state to earn compensation for the use of their likeness, sign endorsement deals and hire agents to represent them. The governor signed the measure in a segment released Monday … Read More

How Impeachment Works

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September 25, 2019Zachary B. WolfCNNLexile: 1400L–1500L Calls to impeach President Donald Trump began among some Democrats almost the day he was inaugurated. They ballooned after former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to Congress about interactions between the Trump campaign and Russia and, separately, Trump’s efforts to squash the investigation, potentially obstructing justice. But now that Trump has admitted to trying to influence Ukrainian President Volodymyr … Read More

Will D.C. Become the 51st State? Advocates Argue Case in Congress with Boost from Democrats

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September 19, 2019Nicholas WuUSA TodayLexile: 1100L–1200L WASHINGTON—Legislation under consideration in the House of Representatives could make Washington, D.C., the 51st state.  The bill, aptly named “H.R. 51,” was debated Thursday morning before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform in the first House hearing on statehood since 1993. The district’s single nonvoting member of Congress, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat, sponsors the … Read More