Amanda Gorman Writes Poem After School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

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May 25, 2022Claretta BellamyNBC News The poet Amanda Gorman used the power of words to illustrate the harsh reality of living in the U.S. amid the onslaught of mass shootings: “The truth is, one nation under guns.” After the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday that left at least 19 children and two teachers dead, Gorman, … Read More

Wheat Prices Hit Record High as India’s Heat Wave-Driven Export Ban Compounds Ukraine War Supply Woes

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May 17, 2022Arshad R. ZargarCBS News New Delhi—India’s recent decision to severely restrict wheat exports amid a devastating heatwave has driven up global prices for the basic commodity to record levels, and drawn warnings of looming food shortages around the globe. The price of wheat futures rose by 5.9% Monday to touch an all-time high of $12.68 per half bushel … Read More

Ten Dead in Buffalo Supermarket Attack Police Call Hate Crime

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May 16, BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)—A 18-year-old wearing military gear and livestreaming with a helmet camera opened fire with a rifle at a supermarket in Buffalo, killing 10 people and wounding three others Saturday in what authorities described as “racially motivated violent extremism.” Police said he shot 11 Black and two white victims before surrendering to authorities in a rampage … Read More

Supreme Court Leak Shakes Trust in One More American Pillar

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May 7, 2022Calvin Woodward and Hannah FingerhutAP News WASHINGTON (AP)—Is there a new American motto: In nothing we trust? By lots of measures, most in the U.S. lack much confidence in large institutions and have for years. Congress? Two big thumbs down. The presidency? Ehh. Americans are also distrustful of big business, unions, public schools and organized religion. Indeed, they … Read More

Can the Florida Legislature Get Rid of Disney’s Special District?

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April 20, 2022Kirby WilsonTampa Bay Times TALLAHASSEE—The Florida Legislature is moving swiftly to strip The Walt Disney Co. of a series of unique legal protections that essentially give the company sweeping governmental powers. If the Republican-controlled Legislature passes a proposal drafted and hastily debated this week, the Reedy Creek Improvement District—as well as five other special districts in the state—would … Read More

From Nuremberg to Darfur, History Has Seen Some War Criminals Brought to Trial

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April 10, 2022Ron ElvingNPR Back in March, a White House reporter got President Biden to say out loud that he considered Russian President Vladimir Putin “a war criminal.” Those words resounded like a pistol crack in Washington and around the world. Even in the realm of rhetoric, accusations of war crimes carry weight. Attaching Putin’s name made the moment all … Read More

“Gold Mine” of Census Records Being Released from 1950

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March 31, 2022Mike SchneiderAP News It was the first census after World War II. The baby boom had begun. The Great Migration of Black residents from the Jim Crow South to places like Detroit and Chicago was in full swing. And some industrial cities reached their peak populations before Americans started moving to the suburbs. Starting Friday, genealogists and historians … Read More

AP-NORC Poll: Low Marks for Biden on Economy as Prices Rise

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March 25, 2022Josh Boak and Emily SwansonAP News WASHINGTON (AP)—A majority of Americans say they don’t blame President Joe Biden for high gasoline prices, but they’re giving his economic leadership low marks amid fears of inflation and deep pessimism about economic conditions. About 7 in 10 Americans say the nation’s economy is in bad shape, and close to two-thirds disapprove … Read More

The War in Ukraine Has Reintroduced These Words and Phrases into Our Vocabulary

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March 21, 2022Bill ChappellNPR Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has many of us using words and phrases, from geopolitical terms like “rump state” to military lingo such as “MANPADS.” We’re also learning to decipher slogans and spot differences between Russian and Ukrainian spellings during a conflict in which information is treated as its own battlefield. Tracking surges in the words we … Read More

As War in Ukraine Evolves, So Do Disinformation Tactics

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March 10, 2022Mark ScottPolitico As the war in Ukraine enters its third week, the battle for hearts and minds—via social media posts, viral videos and outright propaganda—is entering a new phase. With Kremlin-backed news outlets now banned across the European Union and platforms like Facebook and Twitter reducing their reach worldwide, Moscow has shifted its game plan to focus increasingly … Read More