Best ELA Teacher Resources for Teaching English Language Arts – Top Teacher Aids for English Classrooms

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Best ELA Teacher Resources for Teaching English Language Arts - Top English Teacher Aids for English Classrooms - Teacher's Discovery

Best ELA Teacher Resources for Teaching English Language ArtsTop English Teacher Aids for English ClassroomsTeaching English is no small task. Students must learn to read, write, speak, listen, and use language effectively in a variety of content areas. English Language Arts (ELA) encompasses grammar, vocabulary, composition, and research. Having the right ELA teaching aids and resources in your classroom helps … Read More

California Governor Signs Bill Allowing College Athletes to Profit from Endorsements

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September 30, 2019Colin DwyerNPRLexile: 1400L—1500L In a move that puts California on a collision course with the NCAA, Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill effectively allowing college athletes in the state to earn compensation for the use of their likeness, sign endorsement deals and hire agents to represent them. The governor signed the measure in a segment released Monday … Read More

Will D.C. Become the 51st State? Advocates Argue Case in Congress with Boost from Democrats

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September 19, 2019Nicholas WuUSA TodayLexile: 1100L–1200L WASHINGTON—Legislation under consideration in the House of Representatives could make Washington, D.C., the 51st state.  The bill, aptly named “H.R. 51,” was debated Thursday morning before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform in the first House hearing on statehood since 1993. The district’s single nonvoting member of Congress, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat, sponsors the … Read More

Concept Attainment—The ELL Way

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April 18, 2019Maria Lee One of my favorite strategies to use with English Language Learning (ELL) students is Concept Attainment. This strategy helps ELLs connect prior knowledge with new concepts. The Concept Attainment strategy is based on Jerome Bruner’s research into a psychological process called Concept Formation. In order for humans to cope with their diverse environment, people group information … Read More

To Read Shakespeare or Not to Read Shakespeare—That Is the Question I Am Not Sure We Can Answer

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Do you remember reading your first Shakespeare play? For many of us (and our students), the first of the Bard’s words were, “Two households, both alike in dignity, / In fair Verona, where we lay our scene.” I don’t know about you, but those opening words of Romeo and Juliet’s prologue conjure a lot of memories of my own experience as a student … Read More

Lit With Liz | American Street

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American Street just sounds like the perfect symbolic name for a book whose main character is an immigrant. Right? American dream on American street? Sounds pretty perfect.

ELA Monthly Digest

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Dystopia Is Everywhere While the dystopian genre has been around for a long time, it has seen a surge in popularity over the past decade, which you’ve probably noticed. It would be hard to miss that bookshelves are filling up with dystopian literature and that almost every other movie or TV show on Netflix focuses on the end of the … Read More