From Nuremberg to Darfur, History Has Seen Some War Criminals Brought to Trial

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April 10, 2022Ron ElvingNPR Back in March, a White House reporter got President Biden to say out loud that he considered Russian President Vladimir Putin “a war criminal.” Those words resounded like a pistol crack in Washington and around the world. Even in the realm of rhetoric, accusations of war crimes carry weight. Attaching Putin’s name made the moment all … Read More

AP-NORC Poll: Low Marks for Biden on Economy as Prices Rise

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March 25, 2022Josh Boak and Emily SwansonAP News WASHINGTON (AP)—A majority of Americans say they don’t blame President Joe Biden for high gasoline prices, but they’re giving his economic leadership low marks amid fears of inflation and deep pessimism about economic conditions. About 7 in 10 Americans say the nation’s economy is in bad shape, and close to two-thirds disapprove … Read More

The War in Ukraine Has Reintroduced These Words and Phrases into Our Vocabulary

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March 21, 2022Bill ChappellNPR Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has many of us using words and phrases, from geopolitical terms like “rump state” to military lingo such as “MANPADS.” We’re also learning to decipher slogans and spot differences between Russian and Ukrainian spellings during a conflict in which information is treated as its own battlefield. Tracking surges in the words we … Read More

As War in Ukraine Evolves, So Do Disinformation Tactics

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March 10, 2022Mark ScottPolitico As the war in Ukraine enters its third week, the battle for hearts and minds—via social media posts, viral videos and outright propaganda—is entering a new phase. With Kremlin-backed news outlets now banned across the European Union and platforms like Facebook and Twitter reducing their reach worldwide, Moscow has shifted its game plan to focus increasingly … Read More

“A New Culture”: Discovery in China Reveals Ochre Processing in East Asia up to 41,000 Years Ago

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March 2, 2022Donna LuThe Guardian A 40,000-year-old archaeological site in northern China has unearthed the earliest evidence of ochre processing in east Asia, researchers say. The site was discovered at Xiamabei in the Nihewan Basin, in the northern Chinese province of Hebei. Ochre pieces and tools found in the area suggest that the clay earth pigment was processed there, via … Read More

Ruble Plummets as Sanctions Bite, Sending Russians to Banks

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February 28, 2022Vladimir Isachenkov, David McHugh, and Dasha LitvinovaAP News This is a fluid and fast-changing situation and information from this article may be out of date. See the original article for the most recent updates. MOSCOW (AP) — Ordinary Russians faced the prospect of higher prices and crimped foreign travel as Western sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine sent … Read More

Making Spaceflight History: John Glenn Orbited Earth 60 Years Ago Today

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February 20, 2022Mike The United States’ human spaceflight program got a much-needed shot in the arm 60 years ago today. On Feb. 20, 1962, NASA astronaut John Glenn launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral inside a tiny capsule named Friendship 7. The Mercury spacecraft circled Earth three times, ultimately splashing down near the Turks and Caicos Islands four hours and … Read More

Eminem Takes a Knee, Hip-Hop Makes History During Star-Studded Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show

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February 13, 2022Lyndsey ParkerYahoo Entertainment West Coast, make some noise! California knows how to party, so this weekend, when Super Bowl LVI came to Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium, where the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20, L.A.’s finest finally made history with—incredibly—the big game’s first-ever hip-hop-headlined halftime show. During an NFL press conference held Thursday, Dr. Dre, one of … Read More