Concept Attainment—The ELL Way

Charles VerheyELA

April 18, 2019Maria Lee One of my favorite strategies to use with English Language Learning (ELL) students is Concept Attainment. This strategy helps ELLs connect prior knowledge with new concepts. The Concept Attainment strategy is based on Jerome Bruner’s research into a psychological process called Concept Formation. In order for humans to cope with their diverse environment, people group information … Read More


Charles VerheyTeacher Life

I never practiced a lockdown drill as a child. I never thought, “Despite the danger, I want to work in a school building.” I never considered that being a schoolmarm could be any more dangerous than maybe getting ink from the overhead projector pens up and down my wrist and arm.

Lit With Liz | American Street

Charles VerheyELA

American Street just sounds like the perfect symbolic name for a book whose main character is an immigrant. Right? American dream on American street? Sounds pretty perfect.

Get Lit With Liz

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February 21, 2019 Liz Zupan There are books that you forget as soon as you finish them. There are some that leave you stunned from the surprise ending that transformed your literary reality. And there are some books whose story lingers with you long after you have turned the last page—popping into your mind and filling the small moments of … Read More