From Nuremberg to Darfur, History Has Seen Some War Criminals Brought to Trial

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April 10, 2022Ron ElvingNPR Back in March, a White House reporter got President Biden to say out loud that he considered Russian President Vladimir Putin “a war criminal.” Those words resounded like a pistol crack in Washington and around the world. Even in the realm of rhetoric, accusations of war crimes carry weight. Attaching Putin’s name made the moment all … Read More

How Impeachment Works

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September 25, 2019Zachary B. WolfCNNLexile: 1400L–1500L Calls to impeach President Donald Trump began among some Democrats almost the day he was inaugurated. They ballooned after former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to Congress about interactions between the Trump campaign and Russia and, separately, Trump’s efforts to squash the investigation, potentially obstructing justice. But now that Trump has admitted to trying to influence Ukrainian President Volodymyr … Read More