Teacher Affiliate Marketing Program for Teacher Bloggers and Educators – Education Affiliate Program from Teacher’s Discovery

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Teacher Affiliate Marketing Program for Teacher Bloggers and Educators — Education Affiliate Program from Teacher’s Discovery

Teacher Affiliate Marketing Program for Teacher Bloggers and Educators

Education Affiliate Program from Teacher’s Discovery

Teachers are making money by blogging, especially when they become affiliates of educational brands.

If you are a teacher with an informative blog for educators or an active affiliate marketer that promotes educational products to teachers, Teacher’s Discovery is a great addition to your education affiliate marketing campaigns.

Well-trafficked affiliate blogs that cater to K-12 teachers, homeschoolers, and large educational institutions are making hundreds of dollars a day by promoting Teacher’s Discovery products and promotions online.

Teacher’s Discovery Products

Teacher’s Discovery provides one of the largest and most successful online stores for K-12 education resources, digital subscriptions, classroom decorations, and more for World Language, English, and Social Studies teachers.

Individual teachers, schools, and even entire districts buy products from Teacher’s Discovery every year. We’re talking lesson plans, downloadable teaching resources, online World Language readers, informative posters, classroom games, and consumable needs—stickers, student incentives, and basic classroom supplies.

Teacher’s Discovery products range in price from just a few dollars to $300 and more.

Teacher's Discovery offers large libraries of World Language readers, teacher resources, decorations, and supplemental items for World Language teachers as well as an array of products for English and Social Studies teachers.   It's a "go to" store for teachers all year.  Teacher bloggers know what we mean.

Example library: $299

Become a Teacher's Discovery Affiliate - Affiliate Marketing Program for Teacher Bloggers and Education Websites

Bulk sales - and repeat sales - are quite common since teachers typically need materials for each student, year over year.

As a Teacher’s Discovery Affiliate, teacher bloggers can earn a commission on any sales they make using Teacher’s Discovery affiliate links.

If you’re passionate about helping teachers and getting rewarded for it, become a Teacher’s Discovery Affiliate today.

How Do You Make Money as a Teacher’s Discovery Affiliate?

  1. Sign up to the affiliate networks (below) offering Teacher’s Discovery affiliate programs.
  2. Using the customized links provided by the affiliate programs in your blog posts and webpages.
  3. When readers buy from your affiliate links, you earn associate commissions (typically 5%) from qualifying purchases and programs.

How to Become a Teacher’s Discovery Affiliate

Teacher’s Discovery is currently an affiliate merchant on the following affiliate programs:


How to become a Teacher’s Discovery ShareASale Affiliate

Happy selling!

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